..beautiful days start with beautiful coffee. Believe in the power of coffee.

We at OROSI believe that coffee has the power to lift your spirits. We believe that coffee has the power to build community and bring us together. We believe that coffee has the power to fuel more than just our mornings – it has the power to fuel our soul.

Above anything else, OROSI Coffee Roasters believes in roasting, perfecting, and delivering coffee that is ethically sourced, sustainably produced, and endlessly exquisite. At OROSI Coffee Roasters, we bring the joy and flavor of exceptionally crafted coffee direct to your door.

Each batch of our expertly roasted coffee is designed to deliver an experience unlike any other. Since opening our doors in 2020 and officially launching our online coffee shop in 2021, OROSI Coffee Roasters has provided our customers with handcrafted, expertly roasted, and tremendously tasty coffee that exceeds all expectations. We create coffee that not only bolsters your senses, boosts your energy, and delivers a brilliant flavor experience - we create coffee that inspires meaningful conversation, comfort, and connection with others.

The Humble Beginnings of Our Coffee Story

The story of OROSI Coffee Roasters is one steeped in tradition, craftsmanship, and above all, family. Growing up, our family always had a deep appreciation for special moments together and the precious quiet moments we found to connect and chat at the end of the day. A close-knit, hardworking family of artisans and farmers, we cherished every moment we had to reconnect with each other – often around the breakfast table over a warm cup of coffee. For us, coffee represented more than a delicious way to start the day and a jolt of energy to jumpstart our day – it was a treasured moment of connectivity that started our day.

Throughout the years, our coffee-loving family made many trips to Central and South America to both appreciate the picturesque landscape and to chat with the local coffee farmers. With each trip, we learned more about the incredible work of these farmers and producers. We learned how to identify premium beans and began the work of learning how to properly roast and develop the coffee. Before long, our mere love and appreciation for coffee had turned into the beautiful dream you see before you – OROSI Coffee Roasters.

Our Commitment and Passion

At OROSI Coffee Roasters, we believe that integrity, honesty, and sincerity are everything. By providing coffee that is of outstanding quality at a fair price, we believe we are bringing people and families together throughout the world. We are fully committed to earning the trust, loyalty, and respect of every individual who orders from us, and we will continue to work hard every day to deliver an incredible coffee experience direct to your door.


Ethically sourced high-quality Arabica beans.

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