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Welcome to OROSI Coffee Roasters: Believe in the Power of Coffee

At OROSI Coffee Roasters, we are committed to creating delicious, innovative, and inspiring coffee blends that you are sure to absolutely adore. Our team of roasting experts has over a century of combined experience within the field of coffee roasting – and it shows in our beans.

We pride ourselves on selecting only the finest beans from the most reputable farmers in the world. We partner with small artisan farmers to ensure premium quality and superior flavor from start to finish. OROSI Coffee Roasters takes great lengths to source all of our beans from reputable, ethical, and sustainability-focused producers. We treat each coffee blend with the respect and appreciation it deserves, and the results are deliciously undeniable.

With new blends and roasts being developed regularly, OROSI Coffee Roasters is always here to help bring our customers a coffee experience unlike any other. With superior service, a passion for eco-friendly practices, and an unabashed love for flavorful, sustainable, and exquisitely crafted coffee – it is no wonder that so many individuals, families, cafes, restaurants, and corporations are pouring OROSI Coffee Roasters in their cup.

Our Current Blends Single Origin Coffees

Brazil: Our single-origin coffee from Brazil features a brilliant, sweet, and slightly nutty flavor that is smooth and rich. With notes of vanilla, cashew, maple syrup, and caramel, this beautiful coffee is a lovely way to start your day. Featuring beans that are harvested from slopes Serra de Mantiqueira, this medium-dark roast coffee is aromatic, flavorful, and bursting with subtlety.

Colombia (Decaf): Don’t let the decaf fool you – this coffee is a powerhouse of flavor and complexity. Featuring the distinct scent of cocoa and the more subdued hint of black walnut, brown sugar, chocolate, and orange, our Single Origin Colombia coffee is such a delight that you’ll forget it is decaf.

Ethiopia: A sensory experience unlike any other, our Single Origin Ethiopian coffee delivers a distinct flavor profile and aroma that can only be found from the wild heirloom trees of Ethiopia. Balancing the bright berry notes with the warm, sweet chocolate and graham cracker flavors, this coffee is a great start to your morning or pick-me-up in the afternoon.

Guatemala: A medium dark roast coffee known for its robust, full-bodied flavor; our Single Origin Guatemalan coffee comes from the high-altitude coffee farms of Lake Atitlan and harvested from the rich volcanic soil that the region is known for. Bursting with flavor and featuring notes of molasses, caramel, cocoa nibs, and almond, this quintessential Guatemalan coffee is a crowd-pleaser from start to finish.

Sumatra: One of the single most popular coffees in the entire world, our Single Origin Sumatra offers a master course in flavor and roasting perfection. Featuring an array of complex flavors like fennel, licorice, nutmeg, and hints of Thai basil, this coffee is a sensory experience to cherish. With beans carefully and expertly produced and ethically sourced from the majestic Indonesian island of Sumatra, this full-bodied dark roast coffee features earthy flavors and a rich, complex hint of sweetness that is beautifully balanced with deceptively low acidity – creating the smoothest cup of coffee you’ve ever experienced.


OROSI coffee is a blend of the highest quality Arabica beans, slow roasted by master Italian Artisans.

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