Benefits of Arabica Coffee Beans

Arabica – What Makes the World’s Most Popular Coffee so Great?

Arabica. The mere mention of the word arouses the senses and triggers a craving for fine roasts like no other. By far the most abundant and popular coffee variety on Earth, Arabica beans are loved for their full flavour, rich aroma and robust body.

Arabica coffee can be found in almost every coffee shop, in every city, across the globe. Accounting for over 60% of annual coffee consumption, Arabica stands tall over its lesser-known compatriots. Arabica can trace its history back to the very beginnings of the coffee story and is enjoyed by (almost) everyone.

This blog explores the reasons behind Arabica’s popularity, its origins and characteristics, and what benefits this special coffee type offers coffee lovers.

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The story of Arabica begins in the hills of Ethiopia in the highlands of the Kingdom of Kefa. From about 1 000 BC, the local tribes of the region would eat the bean, crushing it up and rolling it into balls to be used for one of the main reasons we drink the brew today – as a stimulant.

About 300 years later, Arab traders carried the beans across the Red Sea, back to their homelands in modern-day Yemen and Oman. There, it was cultivated and exported across the known world via Egypt and Turkey, ultimately giving rise to its name – Coffee Arabica.

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The Arabica bean differs from its Robusta counterpart on many fronts. Possessing a smoother, sweeter, less bitter taste, with notes of chocolate and sugar, along with berries and fruity tones, Arabica is often seen as ‘milder’ or ‘lighter than the Robusta bean. It’s no wonder then that so many people prefer Arabica, especially those new to coffee.

Arabica is also significantly more expensive than Robusta beans. This is due mostly to the fact that the Arabica plant produces a much lower yield than Robusta and only grows between 1 000m and 2 000m above sea level (compared to Robusta’s much lower 900 meters altitude). Despite this, Arabica still makes up more than 60% of the global coffee trade. 

While there are dozens of Arabica varieties, the two most common variants of this flavourful coffee bean include Typica and Bourbon.

  • Typica: Considered one of the ‘original’ varieties of coffee, a cup of Arabica Typica generally delivers a very clean, sweet brew. Often cross-bred with other varieties, Typica is claimed to be one of the most widespread of the world’s coffees.
  • Bourbon: Although this Arabica variety is named for the American alcoholic beverage, it is pronounced ‘bor-bonn.’  Offering complex notes of fruit and chocolate flavours, Arabica Bourbon is an adaptable strain that is another ‘original’ variety.

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Benefits of Arabica

While we all know of the incredible health benefits that coffee has to offer, Arabica beans are loaded with an astonishing range of rich minerals, oils and healthy vitamins that are great for both body and soul.

Here are some of the top benefits that come with enjoying a cup of Arabica coffee:

  • A rich source of Antioxidants – like all coffee, Arabica beans come packed full of healthy antioxidants that help fight off heart disease and some cancers caused by dangerous free radicals.
  • It acts as an Antibacterial – Arabica coffee has been found to inhibit the bacteria that causes tooth cavities by fighting off lactobacillus acidophilus. The specific acidity of the coffee creates a PH environment in your mouth where the bacteria struggle to erode your enamel.
  • Lower levels of Caffeine – Arabica beans have a caffeine content of around 1.5%, almost half that of Robusta. This helps you stay focussed without giving you the hefty dose that other coffees sometimes do.
  • Extremely low in Calories – Arabica has almost no calories, making for a healthy, zero-fat beverage. If consumed unsweetened and black, Arabica makes for the perfect diet partner.
  • It contains essential Minerals – These include small amounts of niacin, magnesium and potassium. These minerals are crucial to a healthy body, and we often end up desperately in need of one or the other.
  • Great for the Skin - Arabica is known as an excellent source of nourishment for the skin, keeping it looking healthy and moisturized. In fact, some skin products actually have coffee extracts in them!


So the next time you brew a cup of OROSI Coffee’s premium blend Arabica beans, know that you’re doing your body a big favour. As you take in the aromatic scents and delicious flavours of our single-origin Sumatra and decaf blends, take a moment to think about the rich history and incredible benefits of this range of OROSI coffee premier brews.

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Happy brewing!

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